Monday, 16 May 2011

Fabrics hunt!

I've bought a lot of different fabrics last weekend just to add to my collection of stash. Yay! Unfortunately or maybe (fortunately) I didn't bring enough cash, if not, I would have bought the entire selections available there. Phew....Just can't stop choosing. By the end of the day, I ended up with these stash. Enough to get me going for weeks, I think. 
Some of the fabrics I'd purchased at nearby fabric store. 

What should I do with this? hmm...
and this?
this is great. 
bedsheet for my girl.

this one looks traditional. 

a small sling bag for my little boy?
bedsheet for my eldest son.
thinking of a dress.
hehe...can't resist this one. 
love this. maybe something for myself.
a pencil case?

for the home. haven't decided yet.
Ahh...this is for my apron. 

stripes! I love them. 
What about this one?

my stash.
getting taller.

Now, I should consider getting my sewing room organised. It is so messy and i hardly find my things around. With all these fabrics, sure I'm going to spend hours to find things around the room. hmm...

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