Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another sling bag!

Now that i've sewn all three sling bags for my kids, I can then try a new design for this sling bag. My maid suddenly became interested to own one sling bag. So I'm making this for her. She requested to have a zipper and a flap. whoaa...A big task for me. After two days, I've finally come up with this one.

Side view

Did the velcro tape. 

Now upgraded. With two inside pockets. :-)
In doing this, I realised that the earlier tutorial that i've followed for my kids's sling bag does not really work on this one with zipper. Though not the best looking, I can smile happily for the succes of another bag. This means, I could move on to another project. Yippee...!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

New arrivals!

Yippie! Yesterday, I received my fat quarters and fabrics which i ordered from etsy store and a local online retail shop. Now thinking what i should do with them. the purple and green chiffon fabrics are for my 'baju kurung' which i haven't learned to make yet. Those fat quarters were just bought on impulse. Might make a few wristlets and wallets.
the two books were bought at a local book store. They were quite costly but I just couldn't resist buying them. hmmm...they better serve me good. :-)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More sling bags!

As promised, I'd sewn two more sling bags for my two other kids. They love their sling bags so much as this is the first time mummy ever made something like this for them. I'm a proud mama too.
Lisa's sling bag

purple stripes for the lining.

Raul's sling bag.

blue stripes for my boy. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sling bag mania!

After seeing my first sling bag completed, my kids just keep bugging me to have one made for them. So, this few days will see me sewing sling bags for my kids and sisters. So, I started off with my boy Ezra. He wants an animal theme. So here it is. A sling bag for my Ezra, my 2 year old son. I shortened the handle of course.

Ezra and his sling bag. So happy.

Managed to sew his name as well. :-)

Saturday, 21 May 2011


My needle broke! huhu...Installed a new one but the thread just don't want to go inside the needle's hole. So frustrating. These are the things when I would waste my time fixing that machine and couldn't go on with my sewing. I actually trying to make a new sling bag for my boy and he is super excited waiting for his new bag. hmm....what an unlucky day.

A simple Sling bag challenge

I decided to try out this  tutorial by life with nature girl on how to sew a sling bag. It looks simple but believe me, for a newbie like me, it is quite challenging specially the final part. After working on it for a whole day, this is my first ever sling bag. Not perfect but it's the beginning. 

This was fun to make. Now I'm ready to make more for my kids. 

Why I sew?

Because I'm envious. I see many talented people who are able to come up with beautiful bags and dresses. All these whiles, I thought sewing is only for selected people who have the 'gift'. I'm not a creative person to begin with, and has no experience whatsoever in sewing. I did try my hands on my mum's sewing machine, which i found quite difficult to handle. I almost gave up cos i just couldn't sew a perfect straight line and my measurements just suck. I just don't have the talent and patience. But, on seeing my friends who sew and the things that they created make me jealous! My mum did tell me that she also never learned from anybody. But she made beautiful things with her sewing machine. She even made me beautiful 'baju kurung' and dresses. Maybe, just maybe, I too can. In searching for inspiration and motivation, I came across Mybotang facebook account and saw all the beautiful creations. Then I saw those bag making books. I just couldn't resist. So I bought myself a book. I'm not sure if I can follow whatever instructions it has inside but who knows right? I'm still waiting for that book. Meanwhile, I'm blogwalking to find any available tutorials to begin with. Can't believe there are so many tutorials one can find on the internet. Now I'm confused as which to start with as there are too many and I'm just so impatient. Silly me. Now, I'm still perfecting my sewing skills. There are many things that I still don't understand and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my sewing machine. "SIGH'.  I hope I'll not give up.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Book cover

What I did lately? First, I sewn white lace to my table cloth. Finally, I get to complete this. I've been meaning to do this for a long time but hasn't got the time and lace yet. So finally, it is done. Here is a snapshot of my new and improved table cloth cover. Hehe...classic. 
 Inspired by my friend's sister, I tried to make my own book cover. After working on it for a whole day, so this is the end result.
the book cover. In completing this, I get to learn to sew on the bias tape. 

How it looks in the inside. 

This is not the intended book I want to use the book cover with but this is just to show how it is used. 

My very own book cover. 

I should be proud. :-) 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Challenge 3 - A sewing machine cover

I found this interesting tutorial on how to make a simple sewing machine cover here and decided to make my own. Well, it looks simple but when it comes to a beginner like me, it was quite an experience. haha...I'm pretty bad with measurement. I still don't have proper tools yet. So my cover ended up smaller than the machine. And it's not neatly done. 
This is how it looks.

see what i mean? 

But it was fun to make. Will definitely make another one.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Challenge 3 - A pillowcase

I' promised my younger sister that I'll sew her a new pillow case as soon as i bought a sewing machine. So here it is. A simple project for a beginner like me to master. I've discovered how to use the presser feet and sew zigzag stitches. Like this: 

My camera is failing me. huhu..

another try, but still not clear enough. Btw, I 'm over the moon just to be able to do this. haha...
And here is the completed project. Fun with stripes. I love it. I had fun doing it. Hope that my sis will like it too. I haven't given it to her yet. But don't you think stripes are adorable. :-)

Mission Accomplished.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Challenge 2 - A small pouch

Too ambitious for a novice, don't you think? But i was just so impatient to discover things that i had to try making the pouch after reading 's tutorial on how to make a cosmetic pouch. It looks really tempting. So, I just grabbed whatever fabrics that are in hand and immediately started the project. Did i make it? You Guess...tadaa...

My version of the pouch. 

Not perfect but It's a sign! haha...

The inside does not look that neat. But For a know-nothing beginner without any tutor or background knowledge, this should be okay. 

Now this boosted my motivation to do another one. And maybe another and another....I should give credit to for sharing that tutorial. I tried to comment on her blog but apparently there's an error occurred while trying to do so. Hope that when she reads this, she knows that she has been an inspiration for a beginner like me. i'm looking for another challenge to complete. Any suggestions?

By the way, I promised to show the hanged curtain for my bathroom door. So here it is, finally hanged.

Fabrics hunt!

I've bought a lot of different fabrics last weekend just to add to my collection of stash. Yay! Unfortunately or maybe (fortunately) I didn't bring enough cash, if not, I would have bought the entire selections available there. Phew....Just can't stop choosing. By the end of the day, I ended up with these stash. Enough to get me going for weeks, I think. 
Some of the fabrics I'd purchased at nearby fabric store. 

What should I do with this? hmm...
and this?
this is great. 
bedsheet for my girl.

this one looks traditional. 

a small sling bag for my little boy?
bedsheet for my eldest son.
thinking of a dress.
hehe...can't resist this one. 
love this. maybe something for myself.
a pencil case?

for the home. haven't decided yet.
Ahh...this is for my apron. 

stripes! I love them. 
What about this one?

my stash.
getting taller.

Now, I should consider getting my sewing room organised. It is so messy and i hardly find my things around. With all these fabrics, sure I'm going to spend hours to find things around the room. hmm...