Monday, 16 May 2011

Challenge 2 - A small pouch

Too ambitious for a novice, don't you think? But i was just so impatient to discover things that i had to try making the pouch after reading 's tutorial on how to make a cosmetic pouch. It looks really tempting. So, I just grabbed whatever fabrics that are in hand and immediately started the project. Did i make it? You Guess...tadaa...

My version of the pouch. 

Not perfect but It's a sign! haha...

The inside does not look that neat. But For a know-nothing beginner without any tutor or background knowledge, this should be okay. 

Now this boosted my motivation to do another one. And maybe another and another....I should give credit to for sharing that tutorial. I tried to comment on her blog but apparently there's an error occurred while trying to do so. Hope that when she reads this, she knows that she has been an inspiration for a beginner like me. i'm looking for another challenge to complete. Any suggestions?

By the way, I promised to show the hanged curtain for my bathroom door. So here it is, finally hanged.

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