Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Second GA!

Hi, as promised in my FB page, once i hit 200 likers, I will organise a Giveaway. So here it is. To be eligible to win a prize in this GA, please do the followings:
1. Be my follower. Let me know about it so I can link you back.
2. Go to and click 'LIKE'.
3. Choose any of my completed items and tag yourself to it. Leave a comment under the pic.
(Pls choose the pic of the item that you would like me to make for you - that's the prize for this GA).
4. Well, you don't have to blog about this but truly appreciate it if you do. :-)
5. Don't forget to leave your email or blog url.

Well, Not that difficult right? So, as I mentioned above, the prize will be the item that you commented in this blog or my FB page. The MOST CONVINCING comment will be chosen as the winner. I will choose TWO winners. Closing date is 15 DECEMBER 2011. A long way to go. :-) So, Good luck!

Personalised crochet hat

My first ever personalised crochet baby hat using felt. Isn't it cute? I like this idea. An order for my sis actually who requested the name to be pasted on the hat. Not really neat but I'm glad to have completed it. 
 And thereafter, some homemade donuts. MMmmmm....yumm yumm...

Sunday, 20 November 2011

PVC project..

Recently, I've been asked by my cousin to sew her a bag - she provided the fabric. She ended up giving me PVC fabric to sew. Hmmm...I've never sewn any pvc before so this was my first challenge. I'm happy to announce that I've completed the bag and with additional fabric, I made the a clutch for her as well. Tadaa.... here they are - the reversible bag (as requested) and the extra clutch made of PVC fabric. Not bad for a first timer eh...
Outer view - pvc. I've added the middle fabric and the ric rac just to make it more interesting. What do you think?

Inside View. I've added the pocket to make it not boring to look at.  The maroon fabric is not PVC, not sure what it is but the label in the shop stated as yellow line fabric. Any idea what it is?
I like the PVC fabric chosen by my cousin. Lovely. 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Isabel's new hat

My new crocheted had for my girl. Finally, I made something that can fit her nicely. :-) So happy. And it's not so difficult. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Baby hat crochet project

Trying new pattern for crochet hats. These are the completed projects. I've tried different hooks and yarns to achieve different sizes. I think they are adorable. Love them all. The blue one is a custom order from my sis to give to her friend's newborn. I've yet to add personalised name on it. Will blog about it once done. :-)