Saturday, 23 June 2012

Coin Purse sew along June - Week 1

Another sew along. This time round it's a small coin purse. I'm quite nervous as it involves a frame. I'm never good at tools and hardware. But, a challenge is good for me. so here goes: my materials bought from a local online seller which has become a good friend of mine: Edina's craft. I've got the pattern pieces, the frame, suitable thread, fabric for outer and lining, batting and of course hand sewing needle to sew the frame.

cut the fabric and batting according to the pattern given. As you noticed, the batting and stabilizer were smaller than the outer fabric. Iron them to the fabric of your choice.

fold into halves, pin them to ensure the edges match and stay that way when you sew.

Sewing time. I used 1/4 seam allowance.
Don't forget to leave at least 2" unstitch section on the lining piece.

Now, fold both sides of the sewn fabric to get a triangle at each corner.

measure about 2" from the end of the triangle and mark with a straight line. Do this for each corner. The lines will be your sewing guide. 

Sew each corner on the lines that you've marked earlier.

Cut away excess fabric. be careful not to cut the sewn lines.

For part 2, come back again next week for updates. This is not my tutorial. I just thought it's best to show you how i completed the pattern.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Harvest Festival Projects

 I'm proud to be a Kadazandusun lady. The spirit of Ka'amatan or Harvest Festival these past two months (May - June) is still strong. The recent week, I had completed a few traditional costumes (modified ones to suit the kids' movement and comfort). So here they are. My very first sewing project on traditional costume. Not bad eh. I know it's not excellent as some laces don't match perfectly but hey! I was in a hurry and for a novice/truly a beginner, I'm proud of the end products. What say you?

Monday, 21 May 2012

New baby!

*sigh* Now I'm officially a janome user. Goodbye Singer. It's not that the latter brand is bad, but the after sales care sucks. I couldn't even get it serviced. I called and called asking to service my machine but they gave empty promises. So in the end, I bought myself another one. This time I chose Janome because the company (Epal malaysia) gives me a year free lessons and teaches me to look after my baby well. In addition to this machine, i get a set of books plus patterns, VCDs and 15 set of different foots. They even have beginner classes to teach me how to use the foots. Finally, I am able to expand my skills. Will update more soon.

Teardrop bag: Week 2 & 3

iron interfacing to fabric pieces

making the pleat

attaching the band

assembling the outer bag

making the hip

attaching the hip

basting the handle piece

voila!! Can't even wait for week 4 to get it done. It is so straighforward. I love this bag. The instructions in the book are quite easy to understand but surely not for beginners as there are no photos to display the steps. This is going to be my fave bag for a few weeks until i get to sew another one.

Sew Along : Teardrop bag pattern by Amy Butler Week 1 update

I've decided to join a sew along project organised by a page in FB (1H1P- 1 hari 1 produk). A group which aims to inspire members to be productive, at least a product a day, almost impossible for me as I'm only sewing when i have a free time. Anyway, we decided to do all the patterns found in Amy Butler's styles stitches book. So here is the first project as voted by many. The teardrop bag. I've chosen my fabrics and cut out the pattern pieces.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Dresses and blouse

I've found new passion in sewing clothes that can be worn specially for my girls and nieces. Though not that skillful, but I've managed to sew a few. Here are some of my handmade dresses
Try my hand at shirring a simple dress for my niece for her birthday present.  Got this idea from my girl's dress.

Did a blouse for my mum which I traced from my old blouse.

My very first dress for my girl Lisa. Pattern from a book.

Joined a sew along and did this. Way to big for my little girl.

My biggest achievement so far, hehe...flower girl dresses for my sis wedding last february. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Repurpose projects

Old jeans pants to a skirt...

Old T-shirts to dresses

my daughter with her refashion t-shirt.