Friday, 21 October 2011

Craft Swap challenge!

I participated in a craft swap organised by a group/ page in facebook site. It's the GMJ (Geng Mesin Jahit) or sewing machine gang or so if translated in English. The theme is something small like a pencil case, makeup pouch or wristlet. So I decided to try out a pattern  I bought long ago (which I had never found the time to do) but with small changes just to make my sewing experience as easy as can be. So here it is, a medium pouch. Fabric from FQ sets I bought from an FB friend as well. As this is my first ever pouch, I should be proud of myself. Not very neat, but not that bad too. Don't you think? Well, this is going for my craft swap partner which was chosen randomly. I hope she will be happy to receive this. It has been a great learning experience. Might want to make more of this. A fully quilted pouch maybe. Any ideas?
BTW, I'm eagerly waiting for my house pouch to arrive (made and sent by my craft swap partner too). Will blog about it soon. 

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