Friday, 3 June 2011

What is that?

Like the title, this was what i get whenever i asked for certain materials for my sewing needs. In Papar, there is only one shop which specialises in sewing supplies and yet, i still get this answer. Specially when i asked about cutting mat, batting, magnetic buttons and stuffs. They can't even imagine what batting is like. As i learn from the internet and books, i don't know how and what to explain to them as well. I don't know the word in 'malay'. Honestly, I have never even seen batting in real, so I just don't know what to explain to them. I even went to Kota Kinabalu area and the usual stuffs that they sell are more to wedding gifts, decoration and of course simple sewing notions. There are only a few of these shops in KK area. Other towns will have one or none at all. Can you believe it? So, I have to order online.

Don't even ask me about the choice of fabrics here. Well, in Papar, there are a few fabric shops but the choices are not very interesting. In bigger cities, there are a few interesting textile shops but the staffs are not really helpful. They can't even name me the type of fabric they are selling. For a newbie like me, this is hard as I don't know most types of fabrics. I think it is better to shop online simply because for each pic of fabric or tool, there is a detailed description of it. The only setback of ordering online is that, you have to wait to get the  item. I do get confused with so many online shops selling all sorts of things. I just need help choosing. haha...

The moral of the story is, I think it will be profitable if I open up a local sew and craft supplies shop. Maybe specialises in bag making? Cos i find that learning to make a bag is much easier than learning to sew a dress. Or maybe i didn't try hard enough. hmm...but no capital yet. So it will be just a wishful thinking. 


  1. I'm impressed!!!! Well done!!!!

  2. pls don't be. i haven't even started to sell anything yet. you can be my partner.

  3. hey, let's talk about this. I want a partner too. I hate the business side of things, and you're good at it. what do you think?

  4. sure dear. contact me anytime.